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College and Career Information


The Guidance Office is the source for all of your college and financial aid information, career exploration information, and scheduling information.

Please call the Guidance Office directly at 222-222-2213 ext. 151 with any questions.

College Visits

Please start visiting colleges early. Open Houses are regularly scheduled in the fall. Tours and individual appointments may be arranged by contacting the Admissions Office. Ask to sit in on a class, talk to a professor or coach, eat in the dining hall. Talk to students about their experiences. The more you explore now the better prepared you'll be to make wise decisions regarding your future.

Applying To College

Seniors should regularly visit the Guidance Office to check catalogues for admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. There are college videos and CDs that you may borrow. Start doing your research now. Most colleges accept on-line applications. If you prefer to mail the application, it must be submitted to the Guidance Office at least two weeks prior to the college's deadline date to ensure timely processing.   A "Transcript Request Form" available in the Guidance Office must be updated each time you request that a transcript be sent.

To Schedule a College Planning session with Mrs. Lynch please call 222-222-2213

Selective Service System

A responsibility that every man has when he turns 18 is to register with the Selective Service System. Those who don't register risk losing federal financial aid as well as the opportunity to hold a federal job. The process is simple. Males must register within 30 days of their 18th birthday and can do so on-line at or at your local post office.

NCAA Eligibility

You must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you intend to participate in Division I or II inter-collegiate athletics. To register, go to

ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)

ROTC provides scholarships to qualified students who serve in the military during their college years and after graduation. Information is available in the Guidance Office.

Military Recruiting

The NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT requires that school systems must comply with requests from Armed Services recruiters to provide student names, addresses, and telephone numbers to be used for recruiting purposes. We must comply with this law unless you refuse to give us permission to do so.

Please fill out the form below and mail back to the guidance office if you do not wish us to release information regarding your child to the military recruiters.